Paint Stripping

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Laser Diode Paint Stripping

Laser paint stripping is a process involves the rapid heating of coatings which results in several removal mechanisms depending on the coating physical and chemical properties. The most desirable removal phenomenon is thermo mechanical stress induced dislocations and then physical ablation. Unlike, abrasive blasting which have cost associated with the consumable blast media and disposal, the laser process only consumables are gas and electricity and disposal is only the paint dust.

Coatings that are easily removed include paint, adhesives, epoxies, and heavy rust or scale. Suitable substrates include plastic, metal, cloth, stone, ceramic, composites, and wood. The process is dependent of coating absorption. Therefore, for the ISL-4000l systems the darker colors to the infrared wavelength of the laser are more absorptive and therefore more easily removed. These colors are black, blue, gray, and green. The colors that are more difficult to remove are white, red, orange and yellow.

Nuvonyx is the only direct diode manufacture that can pulse or laser diode.

• Nuvonyx Rapid Pulse System
• Over 40 m2/hr removal rate
• Thermal shock removal mechanism
• Produces no hazardous gases only paint dust

Advantages of laser-based Depainting

• Improved depaint Quality
• Less labor intensive
• Improved throughput
• Improved throughput
• No secondary waste
• Lower health risk
• Low noise and dust
• Easy to automate
• Lower consumable and disposal costs
• PVDF coating removal Application


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