[Scan & Motion Systems] plamSCAN® 6

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plamSCAN® 6

Typical Fields of Application:
• Wrinkle reduction
• Hair removal
• Vascular treatment

The palmSCAN's ultra-compact dimensions make this scan system especially suitable for hand-held laser systems. Its ergonomic design and light weight ensure natural, fatigue-free handling. The palmSCAN is primarily destined for dermatological applications such as wrinkle reduction, hair removal and vascular treatment.

Two high-performance galvanometer scanners, optimized for small apertures, enable fast and precise guidance and positioning of the laser beam - a must for uniform application of laser energy over large surface areas.

The palmSCAN is equipped with a 6 mm clear aperture and can be delivered with mirror coatings for all typical laser wavelengths. This OEM subsystem is designed for straight-forward integration into existing systems. Standardized threads facilitate mounting on articulated arms or attachment of a fiber collimation optic, as well as additional customer-specific components at the beam exit.


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