[Scan & Motion Systems] varioSCAN FC

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varioSCAN FC

Typical Applications:
• Remote welding
• Laser materials processing: welding, soldering, surface treatment
• Rapid manufacturing
• 3D applications
• Processing-on-the-fly

The varioSCAN FC is a new type of dynamic focusing unit that can be combined with a powerSCAN 3D beam deflection system for fiber-coupled multi-kilowatt lasers.

Beam delivery is based on a variable collimator, with optical elements driven by the linAXIS linear axis from SCANLAB. The laser focus can thus be moved quickly and precisely along the optical axis. The beam focus is optimized to remain a virtually constant focus diameter throughout the entire working volume. Adaptation to various fiber connector types and numerical apertures is possible. The varioSCAN FC is designed to handle a laser power of up to five kilwatts. To ensure reliable operation also with very high laser powers, the varioSCAN FC is equipped for water cooling.

The varioSCAN FC's dynamics and optical layout are designed for use with SCANLAB's powerSCAN systems. Both, the varioSCAN FC and the powerSCAN are easily controlled with SCANLAB's RTC® PC interface boards.


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