[Laser & LD] Conductively Cooled Laser Diode Arrays(ARR)

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These Laser Diode Arrays are offered on a variety of heat sink package types. The arrays should be mounted to a heat sink with a recommended base plate temperature of 25° C.

CW Arrays
• 20W Cs Package
• 20W G Package
• 20W W2 Package
• 20W Sealed Array
• 40W Cs Package
• 40W 19-Emitter Cs Package
• 40W 50% Fill Factor Cs Package
• 40W 2-Bar Cs Package
• 40W 2-Bar W2 Package
• 50W Cs Package

QCW Arrays
• 300W QCW A Package
• 400W QCW G Package
• 600W QCW AA Package


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