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ML 2010
Microprocessor-controlled Stepper-Motor-Controller "CONTROLLUX 1"


The stepper motor controller works together with our motor-driven variable attenuators models ML 2100/ML 2200. The fixed programmed maximum step value corresponds to a rotation of the motor in the range of 0°–45°. The current step position is shown in an LED display.
The controller can also be used as standalone device for controlling other 5-phase stepper motors for specific applications.


* Progressive adjustment of the motor speed
* Switchover between continuous operation or single-step operation
* External control via PC possible (parallel interface with 5V TTL level)
* Connection to attenuator via 10-pin shielded signal cable (5 m are included in the scope of supply)
* The device works in half-step mode which ensues a resolution of the used 5-phase stepper motor of 0,18° per step.


ML 8000
2-Axis Stepper Motor Controller "MICROLUX"


The microprocessor based stepper motor controller "MicroLux" enables to control two independent 2-phase stepper motors. The resolution of the integrated microstep motor driver can be adjusted up to 3200 steps per revolution. The instructions for controlling the stepper motors can be transmitted to the control unit with any communication software (e.g. "Hyper Terminal") or the optional available software via RS 232 interface.
For precise adjustment of optical components, cameras etc. the controller can be directly connected to the linear positioning stage "M-126". The limit switches of the linear stage are wired with the microcontroller of the motor controller and can be used for reference drive.


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