[Scan & Motion Systems] welDYNA

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Typical Applications:
• Welding of dissimilar materials, e. g. aluminum and copper
• Joining of materials with low weldability, e. g. for power
train or body-in-white components
• Cutting of thick metal sheets or fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP)

Typical Industries:
• Automotive
• Mechanical engineering and metalworking
• Aerospace industry

The welDYNA scan head joins high power with high dynamics. On the one hand, the high power suitability is supported by ultra-low absorption coatings, air-cooling of the mirrors, strict separation of electronics and optical path and in addition a set of built-in sensors. Empowered by the fully digital electronics, the integrated sensors provide extensive possibilities for real-time surveillance of the system’s operational state. On the other hand, light-weight SiC mirrors and highly dynamic galvanometer scanners of the dynAXIS 3 series enable beam oscillation frequencies that are unprecedented in high-power scan heads. An innovative optical configuration leads to opposing beam-entrance and exit apertures, thus facilitating the integration in gantry- or robot-based machines, e. g. in the automotive or metalworking industry.


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