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The RB-Series diode pumped laser module has quickly become an industry standard; thousands of these workhorse components are in use around the world. They have proven themselves to be a reliable, high-performance component in DPSS laser systems. The RB Plus is a second-generation model that includes new features that make it even easier to integrate and service. The RB Plus Diode-Pumped Laser Module is offered at power levels up to 100 Watts in a simple, compact, and affordable package.

The RB Plus module is an ideal building block in the development or production of medium power rod laser systems, conversion of existing lamp-based laser designs to diode-pumping, or retrofit of existing arc lamp hardware to provide more stable and reliable operation.

The pump module is completely maintenance-free. It incorporates a Nd:YAG or ND:YLF laser rod that is efficiently pumped by a radial array of long life laser diode bars, and delivers excellent gain uniformity and lensing performance. It is ideally suited for multimode applications such as laser marking, and can also provide high beam quality for more precise micro-machining and scientific applications.

The RB Plus is driven by low voltage electronics. Cooling of the laser is accomplished with a simple recirculating water chiller running on filtered water, eliminating the need for deionized water systems.


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