[Laser & LD] RD Series

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RDSeries - 130-250W CW Module

The RD Series Laser Module delivers the reliability and performance of diode pumping to high power industrial and scientific laser systems, virtually eliminating the downtime experienced by older lamp-based laser technologies. Drive your laser system to greater than 250 watts of CW power.

You can use this reliable and efficient pump cavity to serve as the "engine" in new laser system development and production, or to convert your existing lamp-based designs to state-of-the-art diode pumping. The module efficiently pumps a Nd:YAG laser rod by radial arrays of efficiently coupled long lifetime laser diode bars, and delivers good pump uniformity and stable lensing performance. The laser module is powered with low voltage from a reliable solid-state driver, and cooled by re-circulating filtered water from a simple chiller system. Installations need only single phase input power, and central cooling water is not required.

The pump head is excellently suited for high power multi-mode laser installations, such as deep engraving, drilling and micro welding, and can also provide the high stability and beam quality required for higher power TEMoo installations.


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