Laser Machining System

         ILS 600 



   The ILS 600 is a compact laser processing entre
  developed for precision applications. It can be fitted with either CO2 or Nd:YAG lasers in order to be optimised for individual laser processes.
  In its standard configuration the machine is equipped with three linear axis X, Y and Z. Axis travel can be configured to user requirements.
  The x- and y-axis are powered by linear motors 
  enabling the machine to achieve very high index speed and acceleration as well as enhanced positioning  accuracy. Optionally we fit the unit with rotary stages, multiple beam delivery heads as well as visual image processing.

   Loading of the machine can be done either manually from the front or automated from both sides of the machine body. System control is facilitated by an industrial CNC. To optimise operation of the CNC control all interaction to the user is performed via a WINDOWSTM operator surface. 
  Programming of the machine is done in machine code according to DIN 66025. Optionally we offer post processor programs to automatically generate the machine code from CAD data format