Laser Diodes




Fiber Coupled Array


The conductively cooled Fiber-Coupled Array (FCA) is an efficient and convenient solution to deliver high power and high brightness laser light. With a long lifetime and the ability to supply more than 30 Watts from a 600 micron fiber, the FCA is an ideal solution for material processing, medical, illumination, and pumping applications. Read Read More


High Power Stacks


The compact bars and arrays are available in powers up to 60 Watts CW per bar in wavelengths from 790nm to 980nm with optional lenses for reduced divergence. The high power stacked design offers more efficient cooling, higher output powers per bar, improved thermal impedance, and smaller bar pitch. These stacked diode bars are great for applications such as laser welding, heat-treating, brazing, and laser sintering. Read More


Conductively Cooled Laser Diode Arrays (ARR)

    These Laser Diode Arrays are offered on a variety of heat sink package types. The arrays should be mounted to a heat sink with a recommended base plate temperature of 25 C. Read More

Water cooled Laser Diode Arrays

    Many types of water-cooled packages are offered including linear arrays with up to 680 watts of CW laser output power.
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