Single-Axis Modules


dynAXIS galvanometer scanners and servo amplifiers are the core components for reliable laser positioning systems. Read More


2D Scan Systems


Scan heads integrate all scan components in a sealed housing. Standardized electronic interfaces ensure straight-forward connections to power supplies and controllers. Read More


3D Scan Systems


High-power scan systems are ideal for applications requiring very high laser powers. They can be optionally equipped with a dynamic focusing unit that quickly and precisely fine-positions the laser spot within the working volume. Read More


varioSCAN Dynamic Focusing Units


varioSCAN fucusing units dynamically vary the focal length and thereby extend scan heads into versatile 3D scan systems.     Read More

  RTC Control Boards

RTC PC interface boards and RTCSCAN alone stand-alone boards provide digital control of laser scan systems. Read More

    For optimal integration of scan systems into laser machines a variety of accessories such as power supplies, cables, camera adapters and specialized optics is available. Read More